Takao Ito

Present Positions

Research Fellow, the Institute of Oriental Philosophy

Professor, Soka University

Fields of Research


History of Thought

Academic Societies

The Philosophical Association of Japan

Japan Society of Existential Thought

Japanische Kant-Gesellschaft

Japan Schopenhauer-Association

John Dewey Society of Japan

Japan Society for the Study of Pestalozzi and Froebel


Soka University, Ph.D. in Humanities

Main Publications


  • Schopenhauer's Social Philosophy―Wars, Laws, and States, Kyoto: Kyoto Shobo, 2014


  • "Social Philosophy of the Principle of Reason―Hegel and Schopenhauer," Journal No. 18, Japanische Hegel-Gesellschaft, 2002.
  • "Observation of the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime" as the Starting Point of Kant's Cosmopolitanism," Contemporary Study of Kant Vol. 12. The Japanese Study group of Immanuel Kant, 2012.
  • ”Fichte's Receptivity to Pestalozzi," Journal No. 22, The Japanese Society of the Study of Pestalozzi and Froebel, 2010.
  • "Reading Resistance: The Record of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi's Interrogation by Wartime Japan's "Thought Police," Educational Studies, Vol. 45, April (2009)


  • Correspondence Between Schiller and Goethe, Ushio Shuppan, Japan, 2016.
  • Complete Works of Hermann Hesse, Series II: Essays, Vol. 8: The Political Essays, Rinsen Shoten, Japan, 2010.
  • Complete Works of Hermann Hesse, Series I: Novels, Vol. 4: Beneath the Wheel, Risen Shoten, Japan, 2005.