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Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy No. 38

The Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy No. 38 summarizes the research activities and projects of the IOP in 2022. It collects research articles presenting the results of research and projects carried out throughout the year by groups consisting of IOP research fellows, organized according to specific areas of study. The Bulletin also provides an opportunity for emerging scholars to present their research findings.

The latest issue contains research articles and research notes by our institute’s senior research fellows, research fellows, overseas and commissioned research fellows. It also includes a report of the latest research activities of the IOP (from January to December 2022).

The main articles of the past issues of the Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy are available in our database.


A Study on the Application of the Description Method of Relations (G-RD) to the Social Domain
On the Study of the Relations between the Three Categories of Self, Society and Environment (Part 1)......Koshichiro Mitsukuni

The Ten Worlds of Tiantai Zhiyi within Atiśa’s Stages of the Path......James B. Apple

Wall Paintings from Fayaz-tepa and the Lotus Sutra: Observations Regarding the Mural “Buddha in a Halo”......Kenzo Kawasaki

On the Translation and the Transliteration of “Tathāgata” in Kumārajīva’s Translations......Ken’ichi Maegawa

On the Personality of Sima Yi 司馬懿 Before and After the Battle of Wuzhangyuan 五丈原 Based Upon the Criticism of “Jin shu” xuandiji『晉書』宣帝紀, “Sanguozhi”『三國志』and Pei Songzhi 裴松之 “Sanguozhi
Zhu”『三國志』注......Takashi Mitsuda

Anthropocene Epoch and Human Activity: Peculiarities of Human Activity from the Perspective of Ecosystems......Shuichi Yamamoto

Development and Challenges of Hygiene Ideas in Japan......Bunsho Lee

Self-Realization: Motivation and Renunciation―Female Characters in O’Neill’s Plays― II......Kumi Ohno

Research Note

Daisaku Ikeda's Reflections on the Characteristics of Islam......Eiichi Tsutaki

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