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Toyo Gakujutsu Kenkyu (Vol. 62 No. 1)

The latest issue of the Toyo Gakujutsu Kenkyu (東洋学術研究) (Vol. 62 No. 1) was published on May 22, 2023. It contains a special feature titled ‘A Struggle for Peace (1)’ with a special talk titled ‘A Struggle for Peace—Philosophy and Dialogue for Overcoming Times of Crisis’. In addition, the issue contains four edited lectures delivered in the online public lecture series on ‘Religion and Civilization in “Response” to the “Challenge” of a Global Crisis’. (For more information on the content of the lectures, see our latest IOP NEWSLETTER No.9)

Other articles include the final installment of the series ‘Portraits of Value Philosophers in Modern Japan’, a column, a contribution, and an introduction to the latest book publication. The figure on the cover is the Austrian writer and peace activist Bertha von Suttner (1843-1914). The main articles of the past issues of the Toyo Gakujutsu Kenkyu are available in our database.

Contents (Language: Japanese)

Feature 1: A Struggle for Peace (1)

Special Talk: A Struggle for Peace—Philosophy and Dialogue for Overcoming Times of Crisis......Tetsushi Ogata/ Tatsushi Arai/ Masashi Nakayama

The Mimetic Subject in the Name of Russia—Polyphonic Discourse about Dostoevsky, Eurasianism, and so on—......Mitsunori Sagae

Feature 2: Religion and Civilization in ‘Response’ to the ‘Challenge’ of a Global Crisis

Tasks and Roles of Religion in Response to Epidemics, Conflicts, and Famine: Based on Choose Life......Daisuke Inoue

Reconsideration of Human Civilization and Culture......Tadashi Suzuki

Dialogue with Muslims in Japan......Susumu Nejima

Bertha von Suttner’s Literature and Struggle for Peace: A Common Perspective of Bertha von Suttner and the Toynbee–Ikeda Dialogue......Osamu Itoigawa

Values in a Life of Tumultuous Times (1): Ahmad Shah Massoud

Interview: Afghan Mujahideen Leader Ahmad Shah Massoud’s Fight for Peace......Hiromi Nagakura

Portraits of Value Philosophers in Modern Japan (5)

Introduction—The Reception of Neo-Kantian Philosophy of Value in Japan (5)......Takao Ito

Contemporaneousness about Idealism and Materialism in the 1920–30s: The Case of Yokomitsu Riichi’s Kikai (The Machine)......Masashi Inden

Culturalism Debate in Taisho Era and TSUCHIDA Kyoson’s Proletcult......Yasumichi Oki

TSUCHIDA Kyoson's Philosophy of Symbol: His Relationship with NISHIDA Kitaro......Ryozo Suzuki

Subjects and Methods on the Reception of Neo-Kantianism in Modern Japan: Theoretical Groundwork from the Study of International/ Global Cultural Relations (2)......Atsushi Shibasaki

Column: Silk Road (3)

Kathmandu Valley......Tsugusato Omura


Human Altruism and the Sustainable Economic System: From the Point of View of Buddhist Humanism......Shin Kawai

New Publication

The Institute of Oriental Philosophy ed., Silk Road Research Studies vol.1, The Eastward Transmission of Buddhism: India and Central Asia......Kenzo Kawasaki

Research Memo

NGO’s Grass-roots Activities toward Peace Creation......Kyoko Oshima

A Study of the Relations between the Three Categories of Self, Society, and Environment......Koshichiro Mitsukuni